Arthur Richman

My family and I met Arthur Richman when I was only 11 years old. We were at Yankees Spring Training in Florida, chasing my dream of meeting a Major League baseball player. That spring my dream came true when I met Arthur Richman. A Major Leaguer in his own right, Arthur exemplified the true meaning of a baseball hero, without ever hitting a home run or striking anyone out.

Arthur’s passion for people, his innate willingness to help others and his love for the game is what brought him into our family. Arthur Richman stepped up to the plate to reach out to me when I was just a little boy with a big dream. He brought me in the dugout, and onto the field at Yankee Stadium one day during pre-game warmups . He told me that if I was honorable, a hard worker, a good friend, and always played with a lot of heart , that I would always be a Big Leaguer in life, no matter how I performed on the baseball field. The words Arthur used to guide and inspire me when I was a child are the same words that I would use to describe this great man; Honorable, hard working, and a good friend, who was full of heart.

One Thanksgiving, when Arthur was sitting with my mom on the couch in our living room, he took my mom’s hand and he said, Ya know Dolly, I love ya like a daughter, and one day I am going to go “Bye Bye Babalon” and when I do, I don’t want you to cry because I will be happy and I will always watch over you and your family. A moment of silence immediately followed and then he said to my mom, “Ya hear me Dolly, Ya hear me?” He was a special man and he will be greatly missed.

I believe there is a new Guardian Angel in Heaven today and his name is Arthur Richman.

Captain Joe M. Medina Jr.

In loving memory of our husband and dad, "Captain Joe M. Medina Jr." you will always be in our thoughts and prayers forever. - Your Loving Family

Olga and Donna Stavis

In loving memory of Olga and Donna Stavis

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